After Discovering Metaphysical Properties of Gemstones, Learn More About Specific Jewelry Options

Some men and women take an interest in the possible metaphysical properties of gemstones. Although thought of primarily as a New Age concept in the United States, the idea of precious stones having healing characteristics and other positive attributes is centuries old and part of numerous cultural traditions. As people find out about these positive aspects, they may want to wear jewelry with specific stones. They might learn more online about different types of jewelry with the specific gems they’re looking for.

Some individuals are hoping to find more serenity and contentment. Others need extra physical or mental energy to accomplish goals or deal with stressful situations. One person may hope to find a gemstone that helps calm anger and another wants gemstones that are connected with a compassionate nature.


Someone who wants to improve creativity and concentration for a long-term project might choose jewelry with sapphires, for example. Metaphysically, the stone is associated with peacefulness and a calm mind. Those aspects can help a person focus when he or she wants to devote hours to study, writing a novel, crafting a musical piece or any other endeavor requiring this type of dedication.

Lapis Lazuli

Another blue stone, lapis lazuli, appeals to those who want to expand their spiritual awareness. They are searching for their destiny, perhaps feeling unclear about their purpose in life. Wearing lapis lazuli is thought to help a person to better understand the truths of the universe and experience an awakening.

Jade and Peridot

Jade and peridot, both green stones, are associated with increasing abundance. They are ideal for someone who wants more financial prosperity as well as enhanced abundance in energy, healthy relationships and positive experiences.

Intuitive Attraction to Gems

Men and women can also learn about the metaphysical aspects of gems in a different type of search. In addition to looking for specific qualities they want to promote in their own self, they may look up stones they particularly like and see which characteristics are connected with those items. This provides insight into their intuitive attraction to different kinds of gems they find appealing at a source such as Adina’s Jewels.